The commando experience

Providing invaluable life lessons and team building sessions through totally unique and fun outdoor adventure activities and experiences.

The 24hr commando experience

This Wild Camping event is a one-day and one-night course aimed at parents and children who want to learn how to live more comfortably in the wilds. The course is designed to be a family friendly course, enabling parents and children to discover together some of the delights of learning to live with the resources available to us in nature.

During the course you’ll enjoy a campfire cooked lunch and dinner with the basics of how to prepare food out in the wild.

We cover skills for everyone including shelter building, campfire cookery, tracking skills and games, choosing materials for and lighting your own fire, rope climbing and knots, along with noticing the myriad of resources and information to be found in a woodland environment.

Please note – there is a lower age limit of 7 years old. If you wish to bring younger children, please contact us to discuss their individual arrangements.

Learn the art of fire-making

Participants learn the basics of fire making and fire safety before working in teams to create their own supervised and controlled fire. This activity has proved to be a massive hit with all age groups.

build a shelter

Staying overnight in our Thistleton area, participants will need somewhere to sleep! That is why one of the first activities to take place is shelter building. Participants are given a hammock and a weatherproof shelter and work in supervised teams to make their home for the night.

Learn key survival skills

Commando Experiences staff draw upon their time in the Royal Marines to teach basic survival skills to all attendees. This develops knowledge,  confidence and team work and allows participants to have more faith in themselves and their abilities in any situation.

Prepare yourself on the low ropes

The first step before tacking our high ropes station. This activity helps develop the confidence and communication skills of all those involved. Participants navigate their way across the course without touching the ground as many times as they need before they advance to the high ropes.

build confidence on the high ropes

Ten foot up in the trees of our Thistleton woodland area, our high rope station allows participants to develop their courage and confidence in a 100% safe environment. Finishing with a zip line slide, this experience is not to be missed.

Take part in commando challeneges

Without giving too much away, Commando Challenges are totally unique and fun team building exercises created by Commando Experiences founder David Fairbrother. Participants can expect competition, team work, problem solving, critical thinking and water!

Practice navigational skills

Working in teams, participants are taught basic navigation skills before putting them into practice in the local area. This is then built upon in low light conditions to further develop and encourage these new skills.

life-saving first aid

Safety is a vital component of Commando Experiences. Participants are taught basic first aid and lifesaving skills, giving them the confidence to handle any situation.

Timeless mentorship

Commando Experiences staff are not merely instructors, they are Royal Marines Commandos that each have a vast wealth of knowledge about many aspects of life. During their time with us, participants will benefit from the positive influence of our staff who always lead by example and are willing to answer any question posed (within reason!).

Gain confidence through self-defence

Another confidence building activity, Commando Experiences self-defence teaches basic skills to all involved whilst delivering the underpinning message that violence is not the answer to a potential conflict.

Learn to cook outdoors

When staying with Commando Experiences overnight, participants work in teams and provide themselves with hot food and drinks under the supervision of our staff. This activity gives all attendees a sense of achievement and satisfaction as well as helping them further develop their team work and communication skills.

Master camouflage and concealment

Where better to play hide and seek than in the woods?! Participants will learn the basics of how to camouflage themselves and then are given camouflage cream to help conceal them in whatever way their imagination takes them! This is followed by a few games of hide and seek or a military style stalk in our 100% secure area so that all involved can practice the new skills they have learned.

This course takes place entirely in the outdoors. If inclement weather is forecast, or develops, then a large parachute is erected with a campfire underneath. This enables us to keep everyone warm and dry- this also allows the course to continue.

Each course starts at 10:00 and we break camp at 09:30 the following morning.

For more information about upcoming events please get in touch